‘School Dance 2020’ festival: Tallinn Dance Day

For young dancers, the ‘School Dance’ festival is like a get-together with friends. It is an arena in which, with the support of teachers and the encouragement of their fellow dancers, they are inspired to be creative.

It takes courage to seek out new approaches, try new things and be prepared to make mistakes in order for creativity to thrive and its power to be released. It is something which touches people, draws them in and gets them thinking. It urges us to experience dance as dancers, choreographers and audiences alike.

It takes time for dancers to find all of the layers and all of the nuances concealed within a dance. That is why there will once again be county and then regional dance days, to give the ideas time to develop and grow, taking on their final, complete form ahead of the closing concert.

This time the dancers will also have the chance to take to the stage as part of a longer performance. We look forward to seeing more complex and meaningful pieces and developments in choreography that require more stage time than one number usually allows.

‘School Dance 2020’ is open to age-appropriate dances from all over Estonia that have clearly been devised and choreographed as a single piece. Dance is art!

Ticket and event information can be found on the festival’s Facebook page and on the website.