EuroChoir 2018 (European choir gathering)/concerts of Europa Cantat XX Tallinn 2018

EuroChoir is a unique project choir organised by the European Choral Association, which consists of singers aged 18-30.

This year, EuroChoir 2018 will offer 60 young people aged 18-30 the chance to gather for a day, learn the songs under the guidance of two renowned conductors, develop their musical skills and present the end results in public performances.

The conductors of EuroChoir 2018 are Maria van Nieukerken from the Netherlands and Mikko Sidoroff from Finland, and the choir will participate in the ‘Sing Outside the Box’ project in Helsinki and the Europa Cantat XX festival in Tallinn.

Doors open at 19:30.

You must be at least six years old to enter.