MakerLab is a universal workshop for creating products and prototypes. It awaits active people with exciting ideas, on their own or with friends. In MakerLab you can learn, carry out training events, create prototypes and ask for advice and help in solving tasks. More info: Alain 56 295 327, Maiko 55 540 185 /


FoodLab is a meeting point of food, open culture, art and technology. The lab offers a kitchen environment for carrying out cooking courses, developing products and working out a concept for one’s company. The development centre is meant for professionals, amateurs and science centres.

The brewing school and beer kitchen Tark Bakter OÜ (Smart Bacteria) has been operating in Tallinn Creative Hub’s FoodLab since December 2015. If you’d like to try your hand at brewing beer then don’t be afraid to ask for more information! More info: Tark Bakter OÜ / Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27a / /

Recording Studio

Tallinn Creative Hub Sound Studio is a place for audiovisual creativity and it’s equipped with professional audio recording technology. The rooms have specifically designed sound and vibration insulation layers and acoustic dampening surfaces.

Since December 2017 Retrosonic OÜ, a production and recording studio has been running the Sound Studio. More info: Retrosonic OÜ / Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27A / 5683 5525 / / /

Tallinn Creative Hub’s special development environment for creative industries was established with the help of Enterprise Estonia’s support structures for creative industries.

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