Recording Studio


Renting fees: €30/h or €250/day. Prices do not include 20% VAT or remuneration for the studio technician.
For an additional fee: session musicians/technicians
For more information contact

STUDIO A (live room)
A 50 m2 recording room with good acoustics and a separate vocal booth.

– Drums

Ludwig Accent Custom 22/10/12/14 inch
Cymbals Stagg Hand Made, Meinl

– Guitar amplifiers

Ampeg GVT 52-112 Guitar Combo
Ampeg V4/VT22 Vintage 100W Guitar Amp Head
Bugera 4112-BK 4×12″ Guitar Cab Stereo/mono
Fender Pro Reverb Vintage guitar combo
Marshall JCM 900 100W Hi Gain Dual Reverb Guitar combo
2 x G12T-75 12″ speakers
Gibson Gibsonette GA-8 Vintage Guitar Combo Amp

Bass amplifiers

Ampeg BA115HP bassivõimendi Bass Combo
Ampeg BA300-115 Bass Combo


Fender Rhodes Stage Piano Mark I 73
Fender Rhodes Stage Piano Mark II 73
Minimoog Voyager Analog mono synth
Roland Juno 60 Analog Synth
Hohner Clavinet D6 Vintage mechanical keyboard


1 AEA R88 Stereo Stereo Ribbon Mic
1 AKG D12 Vintage large dynamic mic
2 AKG D1000C Vintage dynamic microphone
2 AKG D3600 Dynamic Microphone
1 AKG C-414B-XLII Stereo pair Large capsule Stereo Pair
1 AKG C451B/ST Stereo pair Small capsule carioid condeser
2 AKG C451E / CK5 Small capsule hypercardioid condenser
1 Beyerdynamic M88N Dynamic Vocal mic
4 Beyerdynamic M201TG Dynamic mic
1 Beyerdynamic M260 Hypercardioid Ribbon Mic
1 Beyerdynamic M500 Classic Edition Hypercardioid Ribbon Mic
1 Beyerdynamic M99TG Large capsule dynamic bassdrum mic
Beyerdynamic Soundstar X-1 Large capsule dynamic
1 Beyerdynamic MC 833N MS/XY/Mono Condenser Stereo Mic
1 Beyerdynamic MC 740 Large capsule 4-pattern condenser mic
1 Beyerdynamic TG-X40 Dynamic vocal mic
2 Cloud JRS-34A Active Big Ribbon Mic
1 DPA 4099 GTR Guitar Miniature Microphone
1 Electro Voice RE15 Vintage dynamic cardioid
1 Electro Voice RE11 Vintage Variable-D® dynamic supercardioid
1 Electro Voice PL11 Vintage Variable-D® dynamic supercardioid
1 Heil Sound The Fin Large capsule dynamic
1 Manley Gold reference Large Capsule tube
2 Mojave MA-100 Small capsule condenser w. Omni & Cardioid capsules
2 Neumann U87Ai Large capsule condenser
3 Rode M1 Dynamic Vocal mic
1 Sennheiser MD441 Dynamic mic 80´s
5 Senneheiser MD441 Dynamic mic
2 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM57 Tab Funkenwerk AMI T58 custom transformer
1 Telefunken M80 Dymamic vocal mic
1 Telefunken M82 Large capsule dynamic bassdrum mic


1 Ampeg SVT Vacuum Tube DI-box
2 Radial J48 Active DI
1 Radial JDI Passive Jensen trafo DI
2 Pro Iso Stereo Line Isolator +4 > -10dB
2 Radial Pro RMP Studio Reamper
1 Radial Pro 48 Active DI
2 Radial X-AMP Dual Out Class A Active Reamp
1 Radial JCR John Cuniberti Original Studio Reamper
1 Radial BigShot ABY True Bybass Amp Switcher 1 in 2 out
4 Lundahl isolator transformer XLR in-out


On demand

1 Vanguard Audio V13
1 Vanguard Audio V44
1 Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Modelling Mic
1 Royer R121 Ribbon
1 Mojave Audio MA300
1 Mojave Audio MA301
1 Mojave Audio MA50

Headphone monitoring

6 PM16 Personal Mixer
1 Behringer Powerplay 16
5 Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphone
1 Beyerdynamic DT770M Headphone

Studio room playback sound system

2 d&b audiotechnik E3 Top
2 d&b audiotechnik E12 Sub
4 d&b audiotechnik E-PAC Amp


STUDIO B (sound control)
A comfortable sound control room that is connected to the Black Box and allows you to use an internal optical network to design various media events.


1 Neve 1073DPA 2-ch Mic Pre
2 Neve 51-Ser channel strip Mic pre, compressor, eq, no phantom power.
1 API 3124+ 4-ch Mic Pre
2 RME Octamic 8-ch Mic Pre
2 MS Multimix summing mixer
8-ch Lundahl Mic- and Line preamps, stereo summing with 8 discrete eqs
1 AKG BX20 Vintage Spring Reverb

– Universal Audio UAD-2 DSP Processing

UAD 9.5 Software All UAD-2-plugins

Workstation & recording

Apple Mac Pro 32Gb RAM
1 Avid ProTools HDX Processing Card
Lynx Aurora (n) 24 analog IO + 8 AES/EBU IO Aanalog/Digital Audio Interface
ProTools 12 DAW-software
Avid Control + Avid Artist control surface control surface
Revox PR99 1/4″ analog master tape recorder


Dynaudio AIR 25 3-way main speakers 3-way active monitor
Genelec 8351 Largest The Ones 3-way active monitor
Genelec 8331 Smallest The Ones 3-way active monitor
Crane Song Avocet Stereo monitor controller