MakerLab is a universal lab which includes a well-equipped workshop, a room for seminars and meetings, a polishing and colouring room and a 100 m² lab for creating anything from 3D-printed robots to laser-cut decorations.

The workshops are available for a fee and require registration. The different types of technology that can be used in the lab will be introduced to you in advance. MakerLab’s experienced professionals Toomas Savi and Vootele Aer will be of assistance to you.



The lab’s machinery enables you to produce the initial prototype or small series of a product.

  • The laser cutter can be used for cutting lighter non-metal materials and for engraving on different materials, including metal.
  • The 3D printer can print details of measurements up to 285x153x155 mm from PLA plastic, which is biologically safe, although sensitive to temperature.
  • The CNC Maker Bench can be used for working with various materials such as plywood, plastic and aluminium.
  • Other machines and tools include a combination woodworking machine, a compound saw and soldering equipment,
  • TengTools hand tools et al.

Workshop price list

MakerLab 1-day pass / 10 €

  • Valid on the day of purchase until 19:00
  • This pass provides access to the work environment, including professional guidance (but not including materials)

Markerlab 5-day pass / 35 €

  • Valid for 30 days
  • This pass provides access to the work environment on five days chosen by the client, including professional guidance (but not including materials)

Machine price list

3D Printer

Price of work €10 and PLA plastic price 0,35€/g

Laser cutter

Price of work €10/hour

CNC maker bench

Price of work €20/hour

Aditional Info

Makerlab Information and booking +372 6525968