The Small Hall

The Small Hall is a smaller universal hall which is at the same time the first room designed especially for circus performances in Estonia. (It has been fitted with fastening ties used in circuses.) The hall can hold approx. 200 people in a theatre-style seating arrangement. The hall is suitable for seminars and smaller concerts and gala events.

  • Total first level floor area – 170 m2, total second level balcony area – 91 m2.
  • The hall is 12 m long, 13 m wide, and 6.7 m high.
  • The balcony is 10.5 m wide and 4.4 m wide.

The Small Hall, layout

The Small Hall, theatre-style, 220 people

The Small Hall, galas, 80 people

The Small Hall, weak current

The Small Hall, cross-section