Tallinn Creative Hub was delighted to welcome 3750 people during the Night of Museums!

The Night of Museums that took place all across Estonia on 20 May involved Tallinn Creative Hub in a more playful and extensive manner than ever before – we were delighted to welcome 3750 people!


Fotograph: Marek Metslaid


We would like to thank everyone who visited the historic exhibition and took part in the excursions; played with fire, light, clouds, and electricity; learned Estonian; familiarised themselves with board and brain games and created board games themselves; tried their hand at table tennis; learned about model car sport and racing drones; listened to the selected songs from Noortebänd (Youth Band) and familiarised themselves in a playful manner with the situations facing people with special needs in the labour market.

View the photo gallery: https://kultuurikatel.ee/gallery/kultuurikatla-muuseumioo-2017/