Tallinn Creative Hub has the internationally recognised Green Key eco-label.

Tallinn Creative Hub has been declared worthy of the Green Key eco-label in Tallinn’s year as European Green Capital. The Green Key label is an internationally renowned eco-label for tourism businesses and a standard that recognises companies that follow the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainable growth in their daily operations. For visitors of the Creative Hub and users of its services, the Green Key is a sign that the organisation is consciously and successfully acting in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. This year and in the coming years, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the negative environmental impact of our activities.

The Creative Hub has the potential to influence a large number of people, so we consider it important to raise public awareness of environmental impacts through our behaviour and actions. We are a role model and it is important to us that the Creative Hub’s
environmental values be followed.

Through the international label, we hope to display and communicate our environmentally friendly attitudes to international customers as well. We aim to help put Estonia on the map as a potential destination for international environmental conferences, and we are contributing by carrying the Green Key label with honour.