Photo: Olga Makina

Liina Oja

Liina is the board member who leads the work of the Creative Hub and, when necessary, moves mountains.

Photo: Olga Makina

Ivar Veerus

As Finance and Sales Manager, Ivar makes sure that incomings exceed outgoings. If everything’s OK on that front, he heads off to compete in another ski marathon.

Photo: Olga Makina

Rait Reila

As Administration Manager, Rait makes sure the hub is safe and well managed. In his spare time he restores old houses in the countryside and gives people advice on doing the same.

Photo: Olga Makina

Kristiina Kütt

Our Event Services Sales Manager coordinates the Creative Hub’s event center and her mission is the programme as a whole and ensuring a full house.

Photo: Olga Makina

Joanna Rõõmus

As a Sales Project Manager, Joanna is the golden link in the chain between client and hub. Thanks to her, information finds its way to wherever it needs to go and everything gets done just the way the client wants.

Photo: Fred Taik

Annika Sutt

Annika is our Board and Sales assistant. She helps everyone and keeps the workings of our office machinery well oiled.

Photo: Olga Makina

Joel-Matthias Looris

Joel-Matthias is our Technical Manager, which means he makes sure that the events held at the hub are true experiences.

Karel Kuningas

As one of our Technicians, Karel keeps an eye on technical issues in the house. 

Carl Andreas Mägila

As one of our Technicians, Carl Andreas keeps an eye on technical issues in the house. 

Günther Kass

Technician, who is our newest team member.