Pulm, suvi 2018. Photo: Gerry Sulp
Sweet Spot Festival 2018. Organizer: Sweet Spot Music Festival.
Latitude59 2019 avamine. Korraldaja: Latitude59. Foto: Ahto Sooaru.
  • The Creative Hub is one of the most unique creative and event spaces in Northern Europe. The industrial interior of the complex has inspired legendary film-maker Andrei Tarkovski, wowed German Chancellor Angela Merkel and enchanted hundreds of other prominent figures. Approximately 300 events take place at the Creative Hub every year which are attended by 200,000+ people.
  • The universal space within the complex gives organisers a wide range of options in planning their events. There are eight halls in the Creative Hub and a total of 16 rooms with an inspiring industrial atmosphere. Whether you’re putting on a conference, a concert, a trade fair, a play, an exhibition, a seminar, a party or a festival, you’re sure to find the perfect space. The biggest of them, the Black Box, has room for 550 seats.
  • The Creative Hub is located in the heart of Tallinn. It’s easy to get here by any means of transport and hotels are within walking distance.
  • The building of the Creative Hub was completed as Tallinn City Central Power Station in 1913. After a long hiatus, the stunning industrial complex was re-opened in 2015 as a renovated universal creative and event centre. This centre, which creatively blends the old with the new, was the venue of the main events held during the presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2017.
  • The Creative Hub is also home to advertising, digital and other creative agencies, creative industry development centres. The space at the Creative Hub designed to foster the creative industry was completed with a support structure grant awarded by Enterprise Estonia.
  • The urban space designed for public use at the Creative Hub was completed with a neighbourhood development grant awarded by Enterprise Estonia.
  • The Creative Hub is the ideal place to realise high-flying ideas that help people develop and grow, touching their hearts and minds. Here, your event will become an experience. We look forward to seeing you, so you can find out for yourself!