Sustainability principles and action plan

The Creative Hub has been reducing its ecological footprint as environmentally friendly thinking has become an important topic to its management and employees. Many of our event organisers also think green and organise environmentally friendly events.

As part of Tallinn Greentech Week, a thematic week of European Green Capital Tallinn, two highlight events will be taking place in and around the Creative Hub in November 2023: NEXPO Tallinn Green Technologies trade fair and Cleantech Forum Europe.

Every year, we have been contributing to reducing the negative impact of our activities on the environment from waste sorting to more sustainable consumption and use of resources. Targeted actions and investments in sustainable development have paid off!

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and so do many visitors of the Creative Hub and users of our services. The whole journey of the green turn is an important and exciting one, both for us and for our customers. Environmental protection will be a major part of our activities in the coming years. Sustainability is integrated into the annual business activities of the Creative Hub and is also a major part of our management. The team at the Creative Hub knows how to be environmentally friendly and can choose more environmentally sustainable solutions in their activities.

Sustainable Development Action Plan 2023