Marek Sadam & Sadamasild: Armas lavendel

Sadamasild will be giving two concerts this spring – and since they have songs that are perfectly suited to the season, there’s no better time to sing them than early May!

Besides, you won’t see much of them in summer, because the members of the group have a lot of other stuff going on. So it’s all the more special when they do get together!

Songs like Kuidas elad ema?, Seni kui kirsid and the eponymous Armas lavendel will all seem perfectly timed for the month of May with their references to Mothers Day, cherry blossoms and lavender.


10 May at 19:00 at the Creative Hub, Tallinn

12 May at 19:00 at the Estonian National Museum, Tartu

For more information see www.kontserdiklubi.ee.