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2592Björn Kusoffsky’s branding workshop
10:00 - 15:00

Björn Kusoffsky’s branding workshop

Björn Kusoffsky, chairperson of the panel for Estonian Design Awards for graphic design and web design and founder of Stockholm Design Lab will conduct a workshop on branding on 14 September, in which he will focus on a topic that is highly relevant in Estonia and has been the cause of much discussion – national airline brands. The workshop will take place in the small auditorium of Tallinn Creative Hub at 10:00-15:00.

This practical workshop is intended for designers and will use the example of an Estonian airline to address the following issues:

  • How to create a national brand medium?
  • Which ideas and thoughts would you like to promote? How can you best combine them all in one airline?
  • How can you create a brand for a modern airline?

The workshop will be conducted by Björn Kusoffsky, chairperson of the panel for graphic and web design, who has over 25 years of branding experience, including SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

Björn Kusoffsky has asked people who have registered for the workshop to think about the topic at home and bring along name, colour and design elements or even mock-ups.

Visit the Estonian Design Centre’s website for more information.