Organizer Buduaar
8847Buduaar Market LIVE Tallinn
23.03 - 24.03.19
10:00 - 17:00

Further information is available on the event’s Facebook page!

Buduaar Market LIVE Tallinn

Buduaar Market LIVE has been given a makeover and will continue organising the biggest shopping parties with its 45thevent in a new place – the Creative Hub in the heart of Tallinn.

This is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle event, which in addition to exciting goods offers a lot of entertainment to families as well. Sellers of designer goods (both new and second-hand), and beauty and health products are welcome. Importers and representations are also welcome to sell their outlet goods, as it used to be in the early years of the Buduaar Market.

Please note: Selling fake goods on the market is prohibited!

Registration for stalls will open in January 2019.