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6900eID Forum 2018
19.09 - 20.09.18
08:00 - 22:00
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Early Bird €400 (until 30 March 2018). Regular Bird €600 (1 May-15 September 2018). Partner Ticket €350 (1 March-15 September 2018). GOV Ticket €0 (1 March-15 September 2018). Student Ticket €0 (1 March-15 September 2018).

eID Forum 2018

The eID Forum, in partnership with the Estonian Information System Authority, announces the Estonian edition of the event for 2018.

The eID Forum, previously known as the eID Conference, aims to generate open dialogue between industry and governments, promoting discussions on eID technology and solutions and integration and interoperability, and to advance industry ideas for innovative eID services that will improve our future.

Revived as an open convocation for the eID community as a whole, we invite industry, experts and governments to present ideas and visions for a digitised future.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Tallinn, Estonia – the mecca of electronic identification.

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