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11281Ensemble Mosaik / International modern music festival AFEKT
19:00 - 20:30
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Full-priced tickets €15. Students and pensioners €7.

Ensemble Mosaik / International modern music festival AFEKT

One of Europe’s most highly regarded modern music ensembles, the Berlin-based Mosaik, will be taking to the stage at AFEKT with an electro-acoustic set of the work of younger-generation composers who have won multiple awards in European composition contests. One of the pieces selected by the ensemble was composed by an internationally recognised young Estonian, Elis Hallik.

Ensemble Mosaik: Bettina Junge (flute), Christian Vogel (clarinet), Ernst Surberg (piano), Chatschatur Kanajan (violin) & Niklas Seidl (cello)

Programme: Lisa Streich, Ricardo Eizirik, Ehsan Khatibi, Enno Poppe & Elis Hallik

As a collective, Ensemble Mosaik are interested in modern music for its diversity, development and aesthetics. They place particular emphasis on working with young composers, often those who are yet to make a name for themselves internationally. They prefer to work with everyone in the process getting involved, since they feel that creativity is at its most concentrated and intense when people work openly together. They are also very interested in the opportunities presented by digital media and try new ways of performing, introducing stage and visual effects and searching for new concert formats.

Doors open at 18:30

You should be at least 7 years old to enter