7373Final of the Film Quiz
20:00 - 23:00

Participation fee: €0.50 per participant

Final of the Film Quiz

And so the season is coming to a close. Only the final remains. The final will take place at a new venue – PADA or the garden of the Creative Hub. So no point in waiting for the doors of Kinomaja to open. They won’t.

In addition to the quiz prizes, we will also have prizes for the best teams this season. More about that soon.

Also, there seem to be some teams who haven’t sent me their questions for the final yet. Let me remind you that each team can send the organisers questions for the final, one of which will be selected and added to the quiz. A free point plus the chance to share something cool you know with others. The question can be an ordinary one or in the form of a picture or audio. Many teams have already sent theirs in, but I think some still haven’t done so. The deadline is the end of this week.

Teams can have up to five members.

You have to answer 36 questions in total.

The prizes for the best three teams will be provided by the Artis and Sõprus cinemas. If only one team answers a question correctly, there is a special prize for that as well.

Registration: please write the name of your team under the Facebook event. Add the number of team members as well.

Season information: there are nine competitions in total. The team scores will also be entered in the season table, with the result of the competition in which the lowest score was achieved being subtracted.