Organizer GLS Eesti
8386GLS Management Conference
23.11 - 24.11.18
09:00 - 17:00

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GLS Management Conference

Two days of world-class management training

GLS Hall

In this hall, laid out in theatre style, you can attend video lectures by some of the world’s foremost managers. An important part of both conference days will be the discussion time with the team in this hall. Interpreting will be available into English and Russian.

GLS+ Hall

In this hall, where there will be tables to work at, teams will have the chance to discuss what they’ve heard at greater length. Following the video lectures, Estonian speakers will be making presentations in this hall. The GLS+ Hall lectures will focus on business. There will be no interpreting into English and Russian in this hall. The number of places is limited.


GLS is more than just a conference: it’s a working tool with which to create lasting value in your community, team and family.

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