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8233Creative Hub invites: Strange (2018) by Mox Mäkelä
19:00 - 21:00

Admission is free. Everyone is welcome!

Doors open at 18:30.

Creative Hub invites: Strange (2018) by Mox Mäkelä

Mox Mäkelä’s new feature-length audio-visual work Strange (2018) is anything but a traditional film.

Strange is divided into two parts: the first is centred around absurd events in the Finnish countryside, while the second part takes place in a big European city. “It’s a combination of drama and satire,” Mäkelä says. “Using satire allows me to address issues I’ve witnessed in real life, partly in the field of art. It begins as a satire and goes on to address lots of ecological themes and issues. From a satire to a tragedy, essentially.”

As is the case with many of Mäkelä’s works, the format of presentation is rather difficult to pin down using conventional terms. Describing Strange as an audio play would be only half the truth: although the audio part alone works as a traditional play, the piece also includes a cinematic visual element that accompanies, comments on and at times even affronts the narrative of the audio play. “I’ve thought a lot about how to describe the project, and I’ve decided to call it an audio play movie,” Mäkelä explains. “The visual part is basically anything but a traditional film, where the image and sound are in sync.”

Mox Mäkelä is a conceptual artist who has been active on the scene since 1978. Her art has been shown widely in different venues and contexts, including at the Maritime Museum of Finland and at international film and art festivals. In her eco-critical films and installations she examines the clash between nature and human nature within the marine milieu. Another part of her oeuvre is “idiot ibidem”, a long-term extended project that studies a literary history chain of events with full methodological freedom and diversity.

Mäkelä says: “Although I’m part of humanity, I don’t understand the many and various unwise interests that humans have. At the cost of my social being, I’ve made the decision to critically examine the actions of my own species and side with nature, which cannot speak for itself.”

See more at http://www.av-arkki.fi/en/artists/mox-makela_en/.

Text compiled from AV-arkki’s interview ‘Meet the Artist: Mox Mäkelä’ by Laura Seppälä. See http://www.av-arkki.fi/en/news/artist-makela/.

Strange (2018)

Running time: 111 min

Screenwriter, director, editor, camera operator and production sound mixer: Mox Mäkelä

Voice actors: Juha Ekola, Annuska Hannula, Sue Lemström, Eero Ojala, Antti Peltola, Tom Pöysti and uncredited assistants.

Music: Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Georg Friedrich Händel, Edvard Grieg, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Stafford Smith, François Couperin, Joseph Haydn and others.

Contributions: Mark Landis, Mikko Keinonen, Rauno Lauhakangas, the Mechanical Music Museum, Kuusakoski Oy and others.

Strange will have its Estonian premiere in the Cauldron Hall of the Creative Hub at 7.00 pm on 9 October 2018. The film will be screened in Finnish with English subtitles.

Doors open at 18:30.


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