Organizer Legendary Wednesday
4212Opening of the 8th Season of Legendary Wednesday
05.07 - 06.07.17
22:00 - 03:00

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Opening of the 8th Season of Legendary Wednesday

Here we are… and here we go! Glad to be here to announce the 8th Season of Legendary Wednesday.  It makes us so happy to think about these moments over the past summers.  The Sunsets and Sunrises.

Something that was a little evening with music has become a big venue with international guests and DJ’s.

This year we concentrate on Art and Music. 10 artists/photographers and 10 DJ-s are lined up to give their best.

It was a long and dark winter but now it’s time to celebrate Summer people – we can’t believe its finally here.

Let’s get together and create another summer vibe.

One Love ♥