Organizer MTÜ Eksperimentaalse Liikumise Keskus (Experimental Movement Centre), Akrobaatika Kool (Acrobatics School)
2770Open Tallinn 2016
18.11 - 19.11.16

Spectators are invited to view the first day of the competition free of charge. Tickets for the finals cost €5/€10.

Open Tallinn 2016

Acrobatic gymnastics is a dynamic and dramatic competitive sport practiced by women and men alike. Acrobatic gymnastics helps build strength and courage, increase stamina and improve coordination and flexibility. Exercises are performed to music to emphasise the expressiveness of the movements of the body.

Competitions will be held in accordance with technical regulations set by FIG and requirements established in Estonia by the work group for acrobatic gymnastics. Athletes will compete in the categories of women’s pairs, men’s pairs, mixed pairs and women’s group (of three).


18 November – junior class, born between 2000-2005 (aged 11-16), balance and dynamic routines.

19 November – youth class, born between 2000-2007, combined routine.

19 November – final competition for juniors (aged 11-16).


Winning pairs and groups in every category will be declared Champions of Tallinn.

Supporters and partners: Tallinn Culture Hub, Vaba Lava (Open Space), Trikivabrik, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the City of Tallinn, the Estonian Gymnastics Federation.