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2609Design Night Festival / Seminar “Redefining Design”

Design Night Festival / Seminar “Redefining Design”

Seminar: Redefining Design 

15 September 2016 at 10:00 – 15:00

Tallinn Creative Hub, Põhja Blvd 27a

Society has begun to redefine the concept of design. The transition from a form-stressing period to an era that emphasises user experience places individuals at the centre of the design process, making it a moral obligation, economically profitable and aesthetically enjoyable. Experienced designers from the USA, Finland, Sweden, Portugal and specialists from Estonia, Italy and Austria will share highlights from global design trends at the seminar.

Cameron Sinclair, founder of “Architecture for Humanity”, has been offering solutions to humanitarian crises for nearly 15 years and will deliver an experience-based presentation. Popular Finnish designer and director of the Iittala brand Harri Koskinen will talk about what goes on behind the scenes of modern industrial design, and Veroniva Fossa will give a lecture and carry out a workshop dedicated to food as a form of experience design. Severin Filek is here to talk to businesses and the public sector about how to measure the profitability of design and its effect on the economy. Product designers Pedro Gomes and Jonas Pettersson will be explaining the need for strategic changes in the design process and organisational culture. Jakob Rosin will use himself as an example to demonstrate how to gain vision in the smart world with the help of a mobile app.


Cameron Sinclair (UK-USA) – keynote

Veronica Fossa (Italy)

Severin Filek (Austria)

Jonas Pettersson (Sweden)

Jakob Rosin (Estonia)

Pedro Gomes (Portugal)

Harri Koskinen (Finland)


€55 (for Early Birds) / €65

Pre-registration required!


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