Organizer TAB 2019
9665TAB 2019 presents: symposium “Beauty Matters. Just Like Love, It’s Real”
12.09 - 13.09.19
10:00 - 17:00

TAB 2019 symposium 1-day ticket 30€ / 2-day ticket 45 €. TAB 2019 PASS owners free entrance!

TAB 2019 presents: symposium “Beauty Matters. Just Like Love, It’s Real”

TAB 2019 Symposium “Beauty Matters. Just Like Love, It’s Real” stimulates interdisciplinary debate on the return of beauty. The panelists will discuss why beauty matters today, how come it was dormant for some 80 years, and reflect on new buds of beauty in architecture.

The symposium is geared for both practising and academic architects, from Estonia and abroad, and for members of the public with a general interest in culture. It is an opportunity to catch up with the now in a number of disciplines including architecture, neuroscience, neuroaesthetics, poetry, mathematics, artificial intelligence and digital technologies related to these fields. Symposium participants include both distinguished scholars and leading architects and designers.

Symposium moderators: Dr Yael Reisner (UK), Dr Fleur Watson & Prof Martyn Hook (AUS), Kaja Pae (EST).
Symposium key speakers: philosopher Graham Harman (USA), poetess Maria Lee (EST), mathematician Ron Aharoni (IL), Taylor Enoch (UK, Zeki’s Neuroesthetics LAB), Sou Fujimoto (JP), Elena Manferdini (USA) amongst many others.

See further programme: https://tab.ee/et/programme/sumpoosium/