Organizer Estonian Vegan Society, animal advocacy organisation Loomus, animal rights movement Loomade Nimel
5281Tallinn Vegan Fair 2017
11:00 - 18:00

Tickets at the door: €1

Tallinn Vegan Fair 2017

The popular vegan fair returns!

The oldest vegan festival in the Baltic states will be held for the seventh time in Tallinn Creative Hub from 11 am to 5 pm on 4 November.

This year, the vegan fair will take over the entire Creative Hub, and the large hall or Black Box will also be open. Approximately 100 companies and organisations will take part in the fair to showcase and sell a range of vegan foods, ethical goods, clothes and cosmetic products as well as share information and ideas, and make special offers. There will also be interesting lectures, forums and film presentations.

For the first time at this fair, the Estonian Vegan Society will recognise the Estonian people, companies and organisations that have successfully contributed to the promotion of veganism.

The fair is organised by the Estonian Vegan Society, Loomus animal advocacy organisation and the Loomade Nimel animal rights movement.

The main sponsor of the event is the local organic juice manufacturer HeyDay Organic Eesti. The fair is supported by the Creative Hub, the Mulieres brand of organic cleaning products, Svenska Bioforce AB Estonia branch and the “Biomaket – so healthy and happy” retailer and wholesaler of organic products.

You can also find the vegan fair on Instagram: https://instagram.com/taimetoidumess/