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2712Tallinn Fashion Week 2016
19.10 - 22.10.16
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Tallinn Fashion Week 2016

Tallinn Fashion Week 2016
19-22 October
the Black Box in the Tallinn Creative Hub

This autumn, Tallinn Fashion Week celebrates its tenth anniversary. The event takes place in the Black Box of the Tallinn Creative Hub from 19 to 22 October and will fill the venue with well-known designers, jubilee shows and the spectacular Golden Needle gala to hand out Estonia’s most important fashion award.

In October 2015, 26 designers took park in the various shows held during Tallinn Fashion Week and the whole event was visited by nearly 6000 people. This year’s TFW, however, is special due to the jubilee, filling auditoriums of the Creative Hub with grandiose shows, talented and internationally recognised designers and the preeminent Golden Needle gala.

In addition to TFW’s main programme, the Hall of Cauldrons of the Creative Hub will also showcase the cream of the crop of young Estonian fashion designers with an exhibition of the best items from the ERKI Fashion Show held in May this year. The exhibition is free for all and organised in cooperation with the Fashion Design Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Tallinn Fashion Week programme

Wednesday 19 October
18:00 Gita Siimpoeg, Tallinn Business Incubators; Raili Nõlvak, Kokomo Collection
20:00 Samsung Galaxy presents: The Golden Needle

Thursday 20 October
18:00 Anu Hint, Katre Arula
19:30 Iris Janvier
21:00 Piret Ilves, Diana Arno

Friday 21 October
18:00 Marimo Fashion, Mammu Couture
19:30 Liivia Leškin, Vilve Unt
21:00 Kirill Safonov, Year by Raivo Holm

Saturday 22 October
18:00 Kriss Soonik
20:00 Baltman: Born Fearless