Organizer Tjuun In
4180TJUUN IN – Lenzman (Metalheadz, NL)
07.07 - 08.07.17
23:00 - 04:30

TJUUN IN – Lenzman (Metalheadz, NL)

LENZMAN (Metalheadz, NL)


Lenzman is visiting Tjuun In again and we’re obviously chuffed about it. We hope that so are you!



Walking his own path as always and never dragged into following trends, Lenzman continues to highlight his strengths and interests: a strong ear for a sample and a musicality often unrivalled in Drum & Bass.

His continuing work with vocalists and fellow musicians shows his love of grooves, ideas and hooks, an approach that sees his music in huge demand from fans, peers and both major and underground labels alike.

After the release of his memorable debut album ‘Looking At The Stars’ in 2014, Lenzman recently released his latest project on Metalheadz – the ‘Golden Age’ EP – to critical and popular acclaim. The highly personal project showcases his Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul influences and sees him competently working with two regular vocal collaborators: Dan Stezo and Steo.

With an ever busy tour schedule, Lenzman can been seen performing at prestigious festivals and club nights from London to Bogota to Bangkok and back again.

An artist who is never afraid to wear his musical heart on this sleeve, Lenzman continues to push his own unique brand of Drum & Bass: soulful, deep and melancholic, yet uplifting.