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1495Designing a food experience to remember

Designing a food experience to remember


WE Factory invites you to join WE Factory Academy in Tallinn on 25.01.2016 to learning how to food design experiences that truly speak to your customers.

With the help of experience design methods and “by playing with food” we will explore how to unlock your inner designer and evolve your business to meet challenges ahead. It’s a day of nurturing ideas, expanding horizons, testing new concepts, and sharing emotions.

Veronica Fossa is a food experience designer and strategist and the founder of WE Factory. She consults organizations, brands, individuals and universities to help them develop capabilities, grow, redefine happiness and well-being; and envision their future by creating food experiences. Some of the clients are Visit Helsinki, Roskilde Festival, La Coccinella. Info and questions: hello@wefactoryandco.com

A limited amount of early bird tickets can be purchased until 21/12/2015 for €182.96 (VAT incl.) General admission is €240.00 (VAT incl.)

Information / Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58874921