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2971Trad.Attack! in Tallinn Creative Hub
28.12 - 29.12.16
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Last tickets to the additional show on 29 December!

Trad.Attack! in Tallinn Creative Hub

2016 has been a crazy year for Trad.Attack! – a lot of work and performances, plenty of surprises and enjoyment as well as wonderful people and unforgettable moments! That is why the band is looking to end this spectacular year with a spectacular show.

Trad.Attack! invites you to Tallinn Creative Hub for two nights to hear all the songs off their “AH!” album for the very last time. Visitors also get a little taste of the band’s brand new album that is due to come out in Spring 2017. This specially produced show is a combination of musical integrity and visual performance. The stage will include band members as well as wolves, cats and ballet artists…