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5658Singles party or Love Cauldron
18.11 - 19.11.17
22:00 - 05:00

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Singles party or Love Cauldron

You’ve recently told someone to “get a bloody room”, but haven’t taken a room with anyone for a long time? You’d like to live on love and air, but only air is available? The birds fly south, but you’re stuck here alone for the winter? You work hard and make an effort, but there is no love?

There’s only one toothbrush in the cup by the sink? There are two pillows in your bed, but only one of them is used? Only shady people on Tinder? Politicians talking about benefits for young families leaves you cold? Your eyes well up when listening to Phil Collins? You go jogging in the rain to mask your tears?

Hearts will melt and feelings will boil in the Love Cauldron. Sparks and Cupid’s arrows are flying in the air. This is the last Singles Party this year. Surely you don’t want to be all alone during the cold and dark season? Come and meet your future significant other and you’ll be able to buy two Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

Performers TBA