Organizer Vallaliste Pidu
6788Singles Party or Reverence to Women
10.03 - 11.03.18
22:00 - 05:00
Early bird tickets €5 / €10. €5 at the door during the first hour, €10 thereafter. Please note: Tickets can be bought for cash only at the door due to coverage issues. If you don’t like paying the old way, you can buy your tickets from Silverticket.

Singles Party or Reverence to Women

“There is no doubt God created man before he created woman, because you always need to practise before you can create your masterpiece.”

We’ve honoured friendship, celebrated being single, held a birthday party – it’s time to focus on women.

Our wives and partners, sisters, mothers, girlfriends, muses – this singles party is for you. Although we live to please you every day of the year, we’d like to show our appreciation even more on this special night. Sometimes you make things difficult, but without you life would be impossible!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have prepared a programme of charmers who will perform the best melodies for you.

Dearest ladies, the people looking after you will be:

Jüri Pootsmann (live)
DJ Martin Saar
DJ Raigo Smith
DJd martinfieldz & uhs kumatu 
or the GU:D MU:D boys

Of course, there will also be…

…speed dates;

…a love clinic;

…and much more.


The event is meant for all single adults and their friends!