Tallinn Creative Hub

  • This temple to culture on the border between Kalamaja and the city centre concentrates different activities within its walls and garden. Concerts, theatre performances, conferences, learning clubs, workshops, exhibitions and festivals are but a few examples of what the Creative Hub has to offer.
  • A multifunctional event centre offers an attractive opportunity for professional self-fulfilment, as well as a modern multi-layered cultural experience for visitors and tourists.
  • There is a diverse activity complex with well-equipped workshops. In the Creative Hub’s basement level you will find MakerLab and a recording studio for creating prototypes or music. The Creative Hub Garden, open in summer, offers all of this in the fresh air and green surroundings.
  • This historic industrial building enriches Estonia’s cultural scene with a unique spatial experience. The Creative Hub’s 700 m² Boiler Room boasts two giant boilers that played an important role in the history of Tallinn Power Station.
  • An international culture and tourism destination, the venue focuses on innovation borne of creative interdisciplinary collaboration. The aim is to develop cultural tourism, marketing and exports and to connect culture with the private sector.