16561NOPHO 2024
03.05 - 06.05.24

Nopho 2024

NOPHO is the Nordic-Baltic collaboration of paediatric haematologists, oncologists and researchers and had its first meeting in Lund in 1980. NOPHO has since extended to also include Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The organizers of the 2024 annual meeting are Nordic Society of Paediatric Haematology, Estonian Society of Haematology and Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. Estonia is one of the youngest members of the NOPHO family.

The slogan for this year’s meeting is „From Science to Child” as NOPHO has been in the forefront of bringing the innovations from scientific studies to the care of children with cancer.

The meeting will bring together approximately 200 paediatric haemato-oncologists, residents, researchers, nurses and other professionals from the Nordic and Baltic countries working in the different areas of paediatric haematology and cancer.

The official Congress language is English.