2534Refresh 2016

Refresh 2016

9. septembril toimub Kultuurikatlas digi-kogukonna konverents/kogunemine REFRESH 2016.


9th of September 

REFRESH is a conference for developers, designers and digital media agent provocateurs to provide fresh inspiration for kicking ass on the web!

The first REFRESH took place in Tallinn, Estonia on 4th of September 2015 with 9 speakers from all over the world and with around 300 attendees. This year we are making a comeback with even more speakers (ever heard of Twilio, SoundCloud, Mooncascade, TransferWise, Testlio, Teleport, SaleMove..?) and double the excitement!

Refresh 2016 program covers a number of different subjects from project development to design to front end engineering, and presents an opportunity to join with fellow smart folks to network, discuss and renew your passion for making the web even more awesome. Oh, and we’ll round it all off with a truly epic evening of buzz and fuzz!

Find more information and get your tickets now at: http://refresh.rocks/