Open-air dinner at the Creative Hub – chef: Jevgeni Ševtšuk

The dinner will be back! This time, the chef is Jevgeni Ševtšuk from Carmen Catering.


– TACO. Grilled octopus / coriander / chimichurri / green tomatoes

– SMORREBROD. Organic beef jerky / blueberries / wild mushroom ketchup / sweet pear

– FISH BOWL. Atlantic cod / fennel / cauliflower / bouillabaisse / salmon roe

– BLUEBIRD. Farm quail / puffed buckwheat / cherry ale / Jerusalem artichoke / false morels

– SWEETNESS. Ice cream made from Emma Leppermann plums / spicy meringue / smoked jelly

Carmen Catering will take care of service, with Toomas Lillemets leading the team.

18:00 Dinner at the Creative Hub
22:00 Carmen Club party at the Creative Hub. ANNE VESKI on stage!

A tip for planning the 19th of May: visit a museum, because the 19th is nationwide Museum Night!