Safety of the chimney of Tallinn Creative Hub

Tallinn Creative Hub announces that the temporary tunnel installed in the seaward courtyard of the Creative Hub and the safety signs around the chimney are a protective measure primarily intended to prevent damage and ensure the maximum safety of visitors and employees who use the chimney entrance. All events will take place as planned and Tallinn Creative Hub resumes its regular work.

On Monday, 11 December 2017, fine brick rubble crumbled from the surface of the chimney. This may have been caused by drastic temperature fluctuations. We decided to take measures to inform people moving around in the area and help prevent any potential risk in the interest of the maximum safety of our visitors. This is why there are currently warning signs around the building and a protective tunnel leading to the chimney entrance has been constructed in the courtyard for the safety of pedestrians.

The chimney of Tallinn Creative Hub was built in 1948. It was renovated in 2015, and in the spring of 2017 the chimney was equipped with a so-called masonry collector that serves to stop the brick rubble or smaller brick chips that fall from the chimney from reaching the ground. On Monday, some fine rubble still fell to the ground. To avoid endangering the people who move around the chimney area and the cars that are parked close by, we must take additional measures to catch rubble that may fall out of the collector’s reach. One option we are considering is to install a safety mesh outside the chimney that would prevent the rubble from crumbling.

The chimney of Tallinn Creative Hub is under state protection as a cultural heritage site and all activities pertaining to the chimney must be approved by various offices. At present, only fine rubble is falling from the chimney and the chimney itself is perfectly stable and safe. The tunnel leading to the chimney entrance of Tallinn Creative Hub and the safety bridge positioned close to the chimney are an extreme measure to ensure the complete safety of everyone near the chimney and the people who use the chimney entrance to enter the building by directing their movement to a safe area. We ask that visitors comply with all safety requirements when using the entrance below the chimney. All other entrances of Tallinn Creative Hub are further away from the chimney and safe as usual.

All events at Tallinn Creative Hub will take place as planned.