Tallinn Vegan Fair news!
Tallinn Vegan Fair announces the lates news regarding the health regulations during the fair:
1. Tickets are sold to strictly limited number of visitors which is less than 50% of the capacity of the venue. Pre-sale of the tickets ends today 6.11 at 23.59, might be that there will be no tickets available on the spot. http://www.taimetoidumess.ee
2. We will provide 3 time slots, 2,5 h duration, to the visitors. At the end of the time slot, visitors must leave the venue. 
3. We ask everyone to wear masks!
4. Keep the 2 m distance. There is plenty of space for everyone. We ask the visitors not to create clusters at the exhibit tables. 
5. Wash and disinfect hands regularly, do not touch your face.
We ask all visitors to check the detailed regulations from ttp://www.taimetoidumess.ee/…/taimetoidumessi-meelespea.
Lets have a great experience together and stay safe!