Kultuurikatel has hosted more than 100 hybrid or virtual events
To date, more than 100 hybrid or virtual events have been organized in the various halls of Kultuurikatel since the beginning of the pandemic!
Among these events are, for example: Bolt Virtual Summer Summit 2020, Verific Five (Agency Orangetime), Elisa TechDay (Agency HYPE), GreenEST Summit 2020 (Tehnopol), Telia Eesti Digital HUB 2020, Cybers Nordic Baltic Security Summit (Agency Confent), PwC Eesti Finants and Tax Conference 2020 (PwC), 
Latitude59, Three Seas Summit and Business Forum 2020 (Global Virtual Solution, Royal Experience) etc, etc.

High level technical solutions during the events have been created by EVENTECH.

Digital and hybrid conference possibilities provide alternative and secure solutions for organizers for the events to take place and achieve the desired goals. The hybrid solution also gives greater confidence to plan events in the first half of 2021.

Contact us and together with our good partners, we will find secure and best solutions for the event to take place.