Kultuurikatel is celebrating 6th birthday
Kultuurikatel is celebrating 6th birthday today! We opened the doors of the renovated house on 18th February 2015.  
During these six years has Kultuurikatel, thanks to its inspiring interior, hosted many events: festivals, concerts, conferences, performances, parties, weddings, fairs, Estonian-EU presidency and nowadays also virtual and hybrid events. 
Currently the event organizers have difficult times due pandemic but the interest and will to make their events happen in Kultuurikatel continues to be great. Like everyone else, we also are waiting for the times when pandemic is finished and everyone can organize events more freely without restrictions. Kultuurikatel team will be very happy to welcome you all back to us! 
During six years, we have also been a home for many creative agencies, start-up companies, who are renting out our office spaces on daily bases to generate great ideas. 
You can check out the photos about the opening of Kultuurikatel on 18th February 2015 at our website “Photos”. 
Happy Birthday to us!