Organizer AjuMurd
7259AjuMurd vol. 6. Final
19:00 - 23:00

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AjuMurd vol. 6. Final

Dear friends and contestants,

The sixth season will be over soon and we only have one thinking session left, one discussion round, one get-together.

This time it will be not in the cosy Sinilind but, as promised, in Pada.

They say that beauty cannot be measured, but our enthusiastic hobbyist players are beautiful people in every respect and they will certainly put themselves to the test in Pada on Friday, 1 June. By 2 June you might even get a suntan. You never know.

It can happen. The times have not been finalised yet.

Precise arrangements for the final and all the accompanying fun will be published right here pretty soon. Until then …

Good luck to all!

Aju and Murd