Organizer JCI World Congress 2019 in Tallinn
11311Business Matchmaking at JCI World Congress
06.11 - 07.11.19
09:00 - 19:00
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Business Matchmaking at JCI World Congress

This is the perfect business matchmaking opportunity for JCI World Congress delegates, partners and related companies – a great way to find new business partners or export markets, share your business ideas or find investors for your company. Maybe you can start a new career or make new friends?

The matchmaking tool Tavata will make all of this super-easy.

The SEB matchmaking area with numbered tables will be open throughout the Digital Innovation Days at Kultuurikatel on 6 & 7 November where meetings will be agreed via the matchmaking tool Tavata.

The meetings can be agreed whenever and wherever between the parties during the congress by using the message-sending option in Tavata.

You can create your profile and start agreeing meetings in Tavata before you even arrive at the congress.

To start matchmaking with Tavata, follow these instructions:

1. Create your personal Tavata profile at https://app.tavata.events/signup.

2. Verify your e-mail and edit your user profile.

3. Click on ‘Join by code’ and add JCI19.

4. Fill in your personal profile for the event.

5. Start connecting!

More specific instructions can be found online at https://tavata.events/pdfs/ohje_kayt_092018_en-US.pdf.

Register for the World Congress online at https://jciwc2019.com/register/.

Read more about the Digital Innovation Days being held during the Congress online at https://jciwc2019.com/digital-innovation/.

If you have any questions, contact Triin Parmsoo by e-mailing triinparmsoo@hotmail.com.