7946Chalice / Jarek Kasar
01.09 - 02.09.18
23:00 - 05:00

Tickets at the door €5 with FB attendance and before midnight, €10 after midnight.

Chalice / Jarek Kasar

Pada will be opening its doors on the first day of the new month so you can open your hearts and let in the songs and rhymes of maestro Jarek ‘Chalice’ Kasar. You read right: you’ll get both, because the guy will come from Kalamaja carrying his keyboard. Half of the songs on piano and microphone, half of the songs on microphone alone. As we know, he’s pretty good at that kind of thing. Worth turning up for.

So what exactly will happen?

In the Big Hall:
Chalice / Jarek Kasar LIVE


Music in the Small Hall will be played by: 
Kristopher Luigend (Haigla Pidu)
MVP (Flavours)
Muudu (Gram-Of-Fun)

Doors open at 23:00. Live show starts at 00:30.

You must be at least 18 years old to enter.