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2981Concert Series ‘Confessions. Shostakovich’. Tobias String Quartet
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10.00 - 15.00

Concert Series ‘Confessions. Shostakovich’. Tobias String Quartet

Within several concert seasons, this new concert series will bring to the audience one of the most spectacular cycles of music history, a musical testament – the 15 string quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich. In Shostakovich’s oeuvre, two powerful currents emerge – 15 symphonies and 15 string quartets. While the symphonies reflect the public life of the composer in many ways, the string quartets are rather personal confessions, where the mask has fallen and emotions have been revealed. These masterpieces include a whole range of emotional extremes: intense tragedy, drastic eccentricity, grotesque, humour, and parody, as well as cruel sarcasm. Performing these quartets is a challenge to every string quartet – in terms of content, technique, and music.

Shostakovich. String Quartet No. 8
Pärt. Solfeggio for string quartet
Berg. Lyric Suite for string quartet

Tobias String Quartet: Maano Männi (violin), Terje Männi (violin)
Toomas Nestor (viola), Aare Tammesalu (cello).

An introduction by David Vseviov.

The organizer reserves the right to change the programme!