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1532Congo Natty & Phoebe
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Congo Natty & Phoebe

Tuborg Music & Bashment FM Presents: BASHMENT MC

Some people make a living from music but Rebel MC has dedicated a whole lifetime to his craft. The Londoner first announced himself to the world as part of 80s hip hop/dance act Double Trouble alongside friends Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Leigh Guest and Michael Menson. That catapulted the name Rebel MC into homes up and down the country thanks to the releases of ‘Just Keep Rockin’ in 1989, which peaked in the UK top 20, before really hit the big time with ‘Street Tuff’, which reached number three in the charts. While the remixes kept coming throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, Rebel’s interest in the history of Ras Tafari took him away from releasing music and deeper into his faith. Having spent almost a decade in the business, he decided to take a step back and embark on a spiritual journey to discover his roots.
A trip to his spiritual homeland of Ethiopia in 2007 changed Rebel’s life forever. He returned re-invigorated and determined to make an impact on the world he had left behind. Now, Rebel is back; determined to champion the cause of the UK’s emerging talent through his Congo Natty and other labels, and the launch of a new music production company, called Trinity.

Watch the Jungle Lion roar in this time, and make sure you keep up to date on the latest manifestations of the Junglist movement.