Organizer Eesti Heliloojate Liit
9136Defunensemble (Finland) / EMP 2019 & World Music Days
17:00 - 18:30
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Defunensemble (Finland) / EMP 2019 & World Music Days


Perttu Haapanen (1972, Finland)

‘Doll Garden’ for alto flute, bass clarinet, cello, harp, piano and electronics (2013)


Nicole Lizée (1973, Canada)

‘Tarantino Études’ for bass flute, soundtrack and video (2015)


Hana Ajiashvili (1972, Georgia)

“Blue by the Kandinsky’s self-titled painting” for clarinet, cello and prepared piano with a transformer (2018)


Andrew Lewis (1963, United Kingdom)

‘Straatmuziek’/‘Street Music’ for alto flute, bass clarinet, piano and electronics (2015-2016)


Kotoka Suzuki (1971, Japan)

‘Orison’ for three music box players and electronics (2017, Estonian premiere)


Jan Martin Smørdal (1978, Norway)

‘All Play’ for piano, flute, cello, clarinet and electronics (2014, Estonian premiere)


Arash Yazdani (1985, Iran/Estonia)

New work (2019, premiere)

Defunensemble (formed in 2009) has established itself with astonishing speed as one of the most important contemporary music groups in Finland. The ensemble’s enthusiastic mission is to systematically delve into the world of electroacoustic music. Defunensemble gives Finnish premieres of the essential electroacoustic repertoire, both classic and current, while simultaneously commissioning new works incorporating the latest technology. More information: http://www.defunensemble.fi/en/index.php