Organizer Estonian Union of Educational Technologists, Ministry of Education and Research & Telia Estonia
12767Inaugural live lesson: ‘How to study effectively’
11:00 - 12:00

Participation is free of charge.

Inaugural live lesson: ‘How to study effectively’

We are inviting all students from Grades 7-12 to be part of the first interactive live school lesson, during which we will be discussing what constitutes effective studying, with reference to scientific research on the issue. Teachers have the opportunity to encourage their students to take part in the lesson as part of their coursework. At the end of the lesson the students will be set an observational task, and those who complete it will be actively involved in the second half of the lesson taking place the following week.

The lesson will be broadcast on the Inspira channel, which can be found on Telia TV (www.teliatv.ee), on the Telia TV app and on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education and Research. https://youtu.be/UWiXqW-_E5c.

Tallinn University lecturers Kriste Talving and Grete Arro will be focussing on illusions related to studying, as well as effective memory and learning strategies and factors that support and hinder studying.

An online questionnaire on preferences related to studying is open for students to complete until Wednesday 1 April at www.sli.do by entering the code ‘opitargalt’. The focus of the lesson will be based on the input received from students.

The lesson is not only meant for students, but also for parents and teachers. In order to best support the development of students, it is important that everyone involved knows and understands what constitutes effective studying, what the factors are that support and hinder learners and learning and what illusions exist related to studying.