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9709Inspiration Day “In Class with Superstars”
15:00 - 19:00

Further information can be found on the Facebook page of the event.

Inspiration Day “In Class with Superstars”

Singers Getter Jaani and Eeva Talsi invite students to the Inspiration Day “In Class with Superstars” The singers help in years 9 to 12 prepare a super cool class for the Teachers Day.

The inspiration seminars will take place on 24 September at the SPARK Demo Centre in Tartu and on 1 October at the Creative Hub in Tallinn.

Musician Eeva Talsi and beloved teacher Eerik Säre of Jaan Poska Gymnasium will be inspiring young people at the Tartu seminar and singer Getter Jaani and teacher Jaak Juske of Gustav Adolf Gymnasium will be doing the same in Tallinn.

They will find out what makes a class particularly interesting and cool, and what needs to be done to grab the attention of the students.

Teams of two are invited to participate from every school.

The number of participants in both events is limited, so you must register fast!

Further information and registration (the deadline is 20 September 2019):