Organizer Estonian Internet Foundation
6538Internet Day 2018
10:00 - 16:00


Internet Day 2018

Do you know where the Internet will go in its development? We don’t, but our goal is to get closer to knowing. The main idea of Internet Day 2018 is to bring together everyone interested in the Internet in Estonia to discuss the development of the Internet in the country and make our own contribution to it.

Internet Day has come around again, for the fourth time. This time we will discuss whether smart technology, the Internet of Things, bitcoin and self-driving cars are fairytales or reality. What is permitted for humans and not for robots? Is a robot a piece of software or a thing? Are young people the decision-makers or the passengers? ‘Like’ as young people’s currency?! To like or not to like – that is the question. Do you believe in Santa Claus, although you can easily spot false information with your skills? Do people need a new operating system i.e. 3D printing? Hearts, livers and weapons i.e. future technology. Who owns a cell that is 3D-printed? Plus a little bit of domain stuff, i.e. will Internet 4.0 bring about a fast network and the movement of machine information between computers?

Internet Day 2018 will take place in Estonian and admission is free for participants.