Organizer Kelle Pidu?
6907Whose party? 5miinust / Nancy / Koit Toome
21.04 - 22.04.18
22:00 - 05:00
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€15 with a GPRS connection.

Whose party? 5miinust / Nancy / Koit Toome

The unbreakable Nokia and iPhone X, the chart show “7 vaprat” and “Estonian Idol”, BMW E36 and Prius, curved and straight cap visors, rat burgers and falafel, mothers and daughters, cassettes and Soundcloud will meet at the Creative Hub in April. “Whose party?” will bring the chart toppers of the ’90s and today under the same roof to find out which era has (or had) the best parties.

Koit Toome & band
DJs playing in two rooms

Tickets went on sale in Silverticket at noon on 18 March!