01.03 - 05.03.17
18:15 - 19:00
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A concert performance entitled “One Day I’ll Give Myself Away For Real”


The concert performance “Kord annan end päriselt ära” (“One Day I’ll Give Myself Away For Real”) is a show of choir music brought to life by composer Rasmus Puur and director Priit Võigemast. Conducted by Hirvo Surva and Ingrid Roose, a choir of 80 people will perform in the Cauldron Hall of Tallinn Culture Hub, which is known for its excellent acoustics.

The set is designed by Kairi Mändla (NO99), and Priidu Adlas (Vaba Lava) is in charge of the lighting.

“Kord annan end päriselt ära” (“One Day I’ll Give Myself Away For Real”) is a musical contemplation about young women and men today and their thought and feelings. For real. Their joys and sorrows, desires and secrets, similarities and differences…

The performance sees the stereotypical image of a young man come together with the dreams and desires of a young woman, with the story deconstructing the stereotypes of young men and women alike on a very intimate level. Young men are not just angry and confident rebels; they are also incredibly vulnerable poets. Young women are not just naive and delicate coquettes; they are also strong and in touch with their maternal instincts… creatures of reason…

Composer Rasmus Puur: “A person’s view of the world and values change over time, and in a few years’ time I wouldn’t be able to compose anything as unequivocally youth-centred as this. Also, all the singers coming on stage are young at this moment in time. So we have to do this now. Because it matters to us. Because at this moment, this is our life.”

We wish to thank the person who decided to make 2017 the year of young people. We are perfectly in tune with the idea.


Composer: Rasmus Puur

Texts written by: Ernst Enno, Gustav Suits, Kersti Merilaas, Viivi Luik, Eda Ahi, Veiko Tubin and others

Director: Priit Võigemast

Conductors: Hirvo Surva, Ingrid Roose

Artist: Kairi Mändla (NO99)

Light designer: Priidu Adlas (Vaba Lava)


On stage:

Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir

Girls’ Choir Kammerhääled

(Women’s) Chamber Choir Sireen


The concert performance premiers on 1 March at 19:00

Performances: 2-4 March starting at 19:00

5 March starting at 17:00

In the Cauldron Hall of Tallinn Creative Hub


Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir


Girls’ Choir Kammerhääled https://kammerhaaled.com

(Women’s) Chamber Choir Sireen http://www.sireen.ee/et