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7689Training “How to launch a new product in 8 hours? Get it done or fail!”
09:00 - 17:00
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Participation fee €95. The number of places is limited!

Training “How to launch a new product in 8 hours? Get it done or fail!”

The fear that entering the market with a new idea requires a lot of time, money and experience is unjustified! Come and see for yourself that with the right attitude and a supportive team you can turn a raw idea into a functioning undertaking with only a little time and limited resources, and that aggressive waiting is the biggest obstacle to launching a successful business.

The day is new and unique in its format and combines the best methodological elements with training, simulation and practical workshops. The attendees will gain theoretical knowledge, practical experience, encouragement and new contacts with other like-minded people in the course of real activities.

The participants will be divided into small teams that generate new ideas, create product concepts, product prototypes on the basis of these concepts and a minimally functioning product and its packaging. The teams will also develop business models, marketing materials, product/company presentations and much more. And all this in just one day!

There will also be room for delicious food, communication and cooperation, pressure, blood, sweat and tears and thoughts of what a fast and flexible future company should be like and how to achieve it.

Why is this training particularly cool and why should you take part in it?

A training model and learning format like this is unique in Estonia and participants can experience something completely different.

The workshop will take place in a particularly exciting place – the hidden corners of the Creative Hub, which only a few people have seen so far.

You can listen to examples of the victories and failures of successful companies.

You will meet new entrepreneurial people.

You can participate in the training on exceptional conditions.

Who should attend and why?

We look forward to seeing entrepreneurs who are already operating, people who want to start their businesses and people who only have ideas for products without a clear shape or content yet.

We want to show that launching and developing new ideas and implementing them in business does not depend on your marital status, social background or granny’s inheritance. Everything is possible with the right mindset and great ideas.

After the training:

you will know how to use simple methods to create new products around valuable thoughts and ideas, and how to develop, test and launch them rapidly;

you will understand how many opportunities there are for making business models unique to succeed on the market and stand out among others while actually making money as well;

you will have experienced how modern technology (3D printers, CNC machines, lasers, etc.) enable you to create new products in minutes and quickly develop them further;

you will have learned to develop products with simple, cheap and accessible materials and free or affordable tools;

you will have added many new methods, ideas and tools to your toolbox that will help you develop and optimise your company or launch a completely new company;

you will be able to compare the outcomes of different approaches/business strategies and ideas in real time;

you will be able to compare and analyse the outcomes of various approaches and business strategies in so-called laboratory conditions and in real time;

you will have experienced various innovative communication situations, working in a team with different people and learning to give and receive feedback;

you will understand that ideas are silver, but performance is gold.


Participants must be prepared for ‘experiments on humans’ and structured feedback queries, because this is the pilot event of a new product. This is why the ticket currently only costs €95. Tickets can be purchased for the regular price of €150 two weeks before the event. The regular price of the event in future will be €350. The number of places is limited!